Q: Why our phone case is antibacterial ?
A: After 24hours, 99% of the bacterial and microbial which attached to the mobile phone case will be

suppressed or killed .

Q: How many types of bacteria can be inhibited by antibacterial mobile phone case?
A: 99% of the bacterial, but our test is based on Japanese authoritative testing standard JISZ2801, there are

3 common bacterial were detected: Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and Pneumonia

Q: Which kind of material can be used for antibacterial phone case?
A: In theory, all the materials can be antibacterial, in phone case field, below material can be involved in

mass production: PC,TPU, PU etc.

Q: Can antibacterial phone case inhibit the Covid-19?
A: Covid-19 does not have a nucleus, it must attache to other bacteria or living organisms, when other

microbial and bacterial are suppressed or killed, the Covid-19 could not survive any more.

Q:What’s the price difference compare to common phone case and antibacterial phone case?
A: It would be increased 10%~20% according to different material and design.

Q: What is the MOQ for antibacterial phone case?
A: TPU and PC are same as the common phone case, 500~1000pcs per SKU, PU need to customized base on your requested, 500yards per color.
Please check with your contact sales person for more details based on your design.

Q:What’s the test standard for antibacterial phone case in different country?
A: For the testing, you can choose the standard from the following GB/T31402-China / JISZ2801-Japan /

(Our PC and TPU tested by JISZ2801 standard, PU tested by international standard ISO22196 )

Q:How long will it take for the testing?
A:it need around 5-7days for domestic lab, 10 days by SGS , but if testing by Japanese institution ,It need around 8weeks.

Q:Is it possible to make such case in transparent case?
A:yes, it is possible to make color you want, but the anti-UV level will be lower.

Q:Can this case pass ROHS or REACH?
A: Yes, We can provide ROHS /REACH report of the raw material

Q:What is the lead time for antibacterial phone case?
A: Please check with your contact sales person for more details based on your design.

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